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It’s “OK,” dammit!

MECHANICSVILLE, Va. — For those who react without reading, go ahead and flip out.

You will only prove yourself a fool.

But it is time I — and I hope others — take a stand.

MECHANICSVILLE, Va. — No, this gesture does not mean, “white power.” It’s “OK,” dammit!

You see the picture. I am holding my hand in a simple gesture, a thumb and forefinger making a circle, the other three fingers up in something that looks like a “W”.

Many whose long-term memory lasts only as long as the latest meme will most certainly be offended, as it is commonly known among left-leaning circles that my gesture stands for “white power.” Apparently we should never use that gesture — unless we are actually white supremacists.

This line of thinking is bullshit.

It is true that some shit-for-brains suggested to his whitey-hiney friends that they should say the gesture means “white power” so they could get liberals riled up about it when they use it.

It was first proposed as such in a post of 4Chan about eighteen months ago — February 2017 according to the reports I’ve read.

Eighteen months, that’s all, and it was meant as more of a gag to provoke a ridiculous overreaction among liberals than it was meant as serious code.

Sure, some white supremacists have used the gesture.

So fucking what?

The gesture has been around for a long time, sometimes as sexual innuendo when other digits are involved, but more often — most often — as non-verbal way to indicate “OK,” either as a question, as in “Are you OK?” or as an answer: “I am OK.”

If you see the entire picture here, you’ll see I am wearing a tank top with the PADI — Professional Association of Diving Instructors — with the word “Divemaster” below it. I wear this tank top because I am a PADI divemaster. The gesture and its meanings (both as question and answer) are important to divers as we cannot communicate verbally 60 feet below the surface of the water with a regulator in our mouth.

I refuse to give shithead white supremacists (as if there were any other kind of white supremacists) any power over how I communicate. They have fucked with my life enough growing up. They do not deserve the power to limit my life now.

Fuck Jim Crow and fuck anyone who longs for the return of those days. You should be suffering in hell, not lounging in safety in your mother’s basement tittering over how you punked liberals by misappropriating a commonly used gesture.

So I offer a proposal to all who oppose white supremacy.

Instead of the overwrought condemnations of anyone who uses the gesture — whether they mean “white power” or not — let us ALL use it. The vast majority of us will use it to mean “OK,” which is as it should be. The more of us who use it to mean “OK,” the less powerful the gesture is for white supremacists and the less power they will have to take away our freedom (and our language, both verbal and non-verbal).

Think about it. If you tell everyone to stop using the gesture because some coward who still needs to have his mother wipe his bottom after he goes to the bathroom decided to redefine it, you’re giving that coward undeserved power over your — and all of our — lives.

Those cowards do not deserve that power. The biggest “Fuck you!” we can send those cowards is a refusal to react to their provocation.

So don’t stop using the “OK” sign. Let’s all use it. Let’s drown their pathetic attempt at trolling us in a sea of people having an “OK” — or even better — day.


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