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Hallelujah! Notes from the Abyss restored!

I felt like screaming, too

I felt like screaming, too. (Edvard Munch)

MECHANICSVILLE, Va. — Screams of anguish have changed into screams of joy. The management is pleased to announce that it has recovered from its tremendous lapse of intelligence  of early Saturday morning when it deleted the database that contained Notes from the Abyss—without a recent backup of the site.

After several days of sustained effort, however, made easier by the fact that the management found cached versions of all pages and all but one post (the other post was retrieved from an archived version of the Blogger version of this site on the Wayback Machine), the site is back to its former routine state of disrepair.

Some improvements, primarily in the form of additional functionality from new plugins, have been made. One of the most important improvements is the addition of WP-DB-Backup, a plug-in that makes it tremendously easy to backup the Blog’s database.

Now back to our regularly unscheduled programming…

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