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Hello world!

I felt like screaming, too

I felt like screaming, too. (Edvard Munch)

MECHANICSVILLE, Va — Hello is not exactly what I wanted to say. In fact, I wanted to say something unprintable.

Early Saturday morning I accidentally deleted my WordPress database. I had no backup.

Now I am reconstructing the blog using archived materials from both its WordPress and Blogger incarnations.  So far, I think I have completely rebuilt the look and feel of the blog, but now I have to reconstruct the original posts.

I expect I will manage — with some difficulty. Expect updates later.

UPDATE, 9 Feb 2011 — I have updated about half the blog so far. The only things I do not appear to be able to reconstruct are the original comments.  I may find a way to do so later, but it’s not as big a priority as rebuilding the original blog.

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